LED Task Lighting

Brighten up your space with new Linkable LED lighting from Lynx!

Our simple linkable design gives you high performance LED lighting in any situation. Originally designed for under-cabinet lighting, Lynx LEDs are the perfect solution for any task lighting application.

No more dark spots in your kitchen or work area!

With simple RCA Style Plugs and Linking Cords installation is fast and easy. Lynx Lighting uses 12 Volt systems which make installation safe and simple. Just plug our transformer into an existing receptacle and link the cords and lights together.

No special tools needed. Lynx LEDs are fast and easy to install. Go from dark to clear and bright in less than half an hour.

High Performance Task Lighting

  • Cool to the touch - virtually no heat from the LEDs
  • No bulbs to replace - LEDs rated at 60,000 hours of continuous use
  • No annoying buzzing or humming noises
  • Clear bright white light (4500K)
  • Small slim-line design makes lights easy to conceal
  • Only 3 watts power consumption per 12" light
  • Scalable - Add as much light as you need
  • FAST & EASY installation with no special tools required

Lynx LEDs can be used in a variety of applications. Here are just a few of the many ways that we've seen the benefits of 12V LED lighting:

  • Under-Cabinet Lighting
  • Closet Lighting
  • Desktop and Cubicle Task Lights
  • 12 Volt Marine and RV Lighting
  • Nighttime Accent Lighting
  • China Cabinet Lighting
  • Display Case Lighting
  • Lighted Signs
  • 24/7 Security Illumination
  • Emergency Battery Backup Lighting Systems

Use Lynx LEDs anywhere clear specific light is needed. With easy installation, our affordable kits are the perfect solution to your lighting need. Order our starter kit today! (clickable link)

LED's are the future of Lighting. Don't get left in the dark. This is simply the best system to introduce LED lighting into your home or workplace.

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